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Art and Gifts

Click on each image for a larger view. To order, please call with your credit card information: 907-747-6455. All purchased merchandise is plus shipping and handling. Interested in historical books of Alaska? Go to our Books and DVDs page.


Totemic Velvet Shawls

Velvet ShawlThis is an elegant totemic design shawl that has subtle highlights of color that enhances
the richness of the velvet. Light weight and drapes to perfection. Can be worn for day
or evening and is a wonderful wardrobe edition.

Size (exclusive of fringe 60”x13”)
Colors available are black with highlights of following:
• Deep red
• Cocoa
• Teal
Price $47.00 plus S&H

Potlatch Bowls

All priced at $68.00 plus S&H.

Potlatch bowl - bear

Seal L 81/2" x H 3"

Potlatch bolw - raven

Raven L 9" x H 21/2"

Potlatch bowl - seal

Bear L 7" x H 3"


All drum ornaments include a descriptive hang tag. Each drum ornament is hand made and designed by Tlingit Master Artist (made in Ketchikan Alaska)

3” drum diameter has a depth of 7/16”
price $14.50 plus S&H

Drum - Raven Stealing The Sun

Raven Stealing The Sun DrumThis is the most well known and famous of the Native legends. The story of Raven The Trickster as the Creator who stole the sun to bring light to the world.


Drum – Killer Whale

Killer Whale DrumThe symbol of mysticism, these majestic creatures are associated with strength, dignity, prosperity and
longevity. Killer whales are thought to be the reincarnationof the great chiefs.

Drum – Wolf

Wolf DrumWolf is a very dominant totem figure among many of the tribes of the Northwest Coast, known for it’s qualities and haracteristics of being a good hunter.

Drum - Thunderbird By The Sea

Thunderbird By The Sea DrumA mighty and proud, powerful, and noble being among Native myths throughout the Northwest Coast. Along with Thunderbird are his sea friends, Salmon and Killer Whale.

Drum – Going To The Potlatch

Going To The Potlatch DrumIn honor of T’aalyai, the Artist’s mother, who was a Matriarch of the Tongass Tribe Ketchikan, Alaska. She is identified as the Eagle figure holding the Bear in the canoe.

Tote Bags

Salmon Tote bag Canvas tote bag, color black with green, Totemic Salmon design front pocket. Bag measures 17" x 17" square.

Salmon Canvas Tote Bag
Price: $24.50  plus S&H

Totem Tote bagCanvas tote bag, color black with red & white Totemic designed front pocket. Bag measures 17" x 17" square.

Totem Canvas Tote Bag
Price: $24.50  plus S&H

Executive pot with decorative, pewter totemic top piece.

Argillite PotThis is of a marble composite and resin mix resulting in a beautifully burnished black carved pot that is very like a black ebony wood. The lid center piece is pewter and depicts the bear and frog in totemic design.

Large 4" dia x 2" depth price $51.95

Med: 2 3/4 " dia x 1 1/2 " depth price $35.95

prices plus s&h

Letter Openers

All three pewter letter openers are presented in an exceptionally attractive deep blue velvet gift box with a name card of the creature and stating it's "symbol".

Raven Letter Opener "The Culture Hero"

Raven Letter Opener

Pewter, 7" L presented in an elegant deep blue velvet gift box.

price $39.95 plus S&H

Eagle Letter Opener "Symbol of Peace"

Eagle Letter Opener

Pewter, presented in deep blue velvet gift box.
These pewter letter openers are an exceptionally
fine gift for the home or business office at a very
affordable price of just $39.95 plus S&H

Otter Letter Opener "Symbol of Intelligence and Enjoyment"

Otter Letter OpenerThe otter is a wild and lovable, playful creature. He spends his days foraging for food, cleaning his iridescent brown fur coat, playing and sleeping. He sleeps in the kelp beds for protection from predators and rolls himself up in a long tendril of kelp so that he will not float away from his raft of otter friends while he is sleeping.

Pewter, length 7".
Price: $39.95 plus S&H

Raven RattleRaven Rattle

Raven Rattle, 13" long;


The basic form is that of Raven holding a small object in it’s beak, in reference to the myth of Raven bringing sunlight to mankind. Raven the great trickster and transformer, stole daylight from heaven and brought it to a world previously dark; the box holds the light of day, metaphorically the dawning of human consciousness and the beginning of the world and knowledge.

On it’s back is a platform with the reclining figure, a shaman initiate; a frog lies atop that figure. It’s tongue extending in to the human’s mouth to signify the drawing of inspiration and knowledge from the animal world.

The bird holding the frog is believed by scholars to be a kingfisher, a bird with a rattling cry.

A monster’s face occupies the forepart of the Raven’s deep belly. It’s as odd construct, sharing aspects of whale, bird and perhaps salmon. This sea monster’s elements of fish, whale, and bird mirror the richness of life supported by the sea, and point toward the sources of human wealth.

Along with drums Rattles are the predominant percussive instrument used in Shamanic and ceremonial contexts. A Raven Rattle - carved in the shape of a bird - generally indicates a chiefly or high ranking figure.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit Boxes are a composition of crushed marble and organic resin and each Spirit Box has a removable lid. The finished article is a replica of rosewood and it is only by handling the spirit boxes that the difference is evident. These are beautifully finished pieces.

Spirit Box - Bear and FrogBear and Frog

The Bear symbolizes the strength of the great hunter.
The Frog on the other hand is the voice of the people.
He is a symbol of innocence, stability and communications.

Spirit Box - Bear and Frog, 6½" L x 4½" H;



Spirit Box - Killer WhaleKiller Whale

He’s the lord of the oceans. The Killer Whale is a symbol of long life.
It is believed that great chiefs turn into Killer Whales when they pass on into the nether world.
This illustrates the close links between man and Whale.

Spirit Box - Killer Whale, 10¼" L x 6" H;


Spirit Box - Raven and SunRaven and Sun

Raven is the creator of the world and symbolizes prestige and knowledge.

Spirit Box - Raven and Sun, 8½" long;


Spirit Box - SealSeal

Seal is the graceful swimmer.
It is the spirit of the Seal that teaches us to swim and to conquer our fears.

Spirit Box - Seal, 8" long;


Devils Club Salve and Products

Devils club and gift packMade by Pauline Duncan, Sitka, Alaska

Devils Club (or Oplopanax horridus,) is a member of the Ginseng family of plants. The Devils Club is thought to contain certain medicinal properties and has been used by the Indigenous Peoples for hundreds of years as a pain relief, a treatment for infections, a medicinal tea drink and more. The inner bark is prepared as a drink, it is soaked in water and boiled as a tea and is also prepared for external medicinal use...

  • Devils Club Oil recommended and used like the ointment. Spreads easily for sensitive skin. Oil is fully concentrated with Devils Club – canola vitamin and tea tree oil and aloe.
  • Menthol Devils Club Ointment – a deep heat rub, for congestion and sore muscles. Contains menthol crystals and should not be used on open cuts, burns, wounds.
  • Devils Club – Red clover Lip Balm – Recommended as a lip moisturizer.
  • Devils Club Spruce Pitch Ointment – Recommended for minor/major skin conditions. The pitch is combined with the Devils Club and the pitch contains healing agents for infections and minor skin conditions. Some users have claimed skin healing for radiation burn, shingles, cold sores, bug bites, arthritis, and other skin conditions.

Most of the Devils club products contain the following; spruce pitch canola oil, aloe-vera, vitamen E, tea tree oil, spruce pitch, comfrey, chick weed, cocoa utter, red clover, & beeswax.
(Disclaimer; recommended for external conditions. Use at your own risk. The F.D.A. has not evaluated these products)

Pauline Duncan

Pauline Duncan is a retired first grade Native teacher at Baranof Elementary School in Sitka Alaska and served the Alaska school district for 27 years. Pauline was one of the first Native teachers certified in Alaska. Her Tlingit name is Gaaw, and she is of the Eagle-Bear clan and Valley House of Angoon. She is the mother of five children and Grandmother of seven. As an Alaska native, Pauline was concerned about the loss of her language, so she set about finding a way to stimulate an interest in learning the Tlingit language in her own classroom.

With the help of her grandchildren and husband, Pauline has published many booklets, informational sheets and tapes sharing her knowledge of the Tlingit language. Additionally, she shares her culture through weaving cedar baskets and beading jewelry using cedar seeds. She has published a cookbook

Devils club gift packDevils Club Gift Pack

S’axt Devils Club Gift Box Pack;
$18.00 plus S&H

Devils Club SalveDevils Club Salve

S’axt Devils Club and Spruce Pitch Ointment;
$18.00 plus S&H

Ray Peck printRay Peck Print

We have assorted prints signed by Tlingit artist Ray Peck. They come ready to frame.

Ray Peck Print: $24.00

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